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Wild Elephants And Magic Mushrooms In Thailand

Nearby our house in Hua Hin there is a natural park with a hike that ends at the base of a waterfall. The hike and natural park are OK but the real attraction for me is always the drive and the mushroom picking. Where else can you see wild elephants and pick magic mushrooms in Thailand on the same day?

Along the road to the park there are piles of elephant dung and magic mushrooms just growing right from the dung. The best time to come is during the rainy season. I always wait until after the rain stops and the sun comes out for a few hours. These beauties will be popping up everywhere.

There must be hundreds of wild elephants in this area of Thailand because there is dung on the side of the road for many miles. I was surprised by how docile this elephant was.

As a local we know that if we come between 5 and 6pm we will see the wild elephants roaming. Like this big gal here. She seemed to want to say hi. Since she was twice the size of our car, and we don’t have elephant coverage on our insurance. I tried to keep the car moving. But she wasn’t having it.

So she kept following us. I imagine she was expecting some treat! I think the locals feed them. Just another day in Thailand!